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27.11.2023 Invisible Women: Challenging Prejudices and Gender Stereotypes

On November 27th there will be a round table entitled “Invisible Women: Challenging Prejudices and Gender Stereotypes“, at 5.30 pm at Brescia Engeneering University. We will exchange different points of view coming from the world of university, mass media, industry and institutions, you all are invited. Euro Steel is part of the “Comunità Pratica”, born ...

14.11.2023 A sweet Christmas with “Bambini in Braille”

Euro Steel supports Bambini in Braille with the purchase of Panettoni and Pandori! Help us and support them! Let’s make it a sweeter Christmas for everyone!

07.11.2023 – Let’s bringh our animals to the office

Since we can’t realize, for now, the dream of a Company puppy; we would like to invite whoever wanted it, to bring his ouwn furry friend, to the office, for a day. Today little Mimì is with us.

28.10.2023 – “Il silenzio delle donne violate ha molto da dire” – “The silence of raped women has a lot to say” – A story between music and theater

Euro Steel stands against violence on women and sponsors a show organized by the Municipality of Roncadelle on 28 October 2023 in order to to raise awareness among the audience on this very urgent issue.  

22.10.2023 – “Giornale di Brescia” – Brescia newspaper

Society and environment, Brescia implements the Comunità Pratica network. Eleven companies have already joined the project which is inspired by the Olivetti business model.

10.10.2023 – From Olivetti to a so called “Comunità Pratica”

Eleven companies from Brescia carry on the cultural legacy of the entrepreneur who dreamed of a factory on a human scale.

27.05.2023 – Art therapy for team building

Euro Steel with the collaboration of Bambini in Braille APS, caring about the welfare of the employees, decided to take advantage of Art Therapy projects for prevention and treatment of work-related stress, to harmonize the relational dynamics in the work teams, increase staff’s creative thinking skills, pursue goals of working well-being., “Coming together is a ...

27.04.2023 – Euro Steel supports the project “Baule Rosso”

EURO STEEL SRL is honoured to invite you to the inauguration of the new project “Io ti ascolto” (“I listen to you”): an exhibition of poems dedicated to Monia Delpero, murdered by her ex-boyfriend at the young age of 19. A red trunk filled with solidarity as a mean of dissemination against violence on women. ...

20.07.2023 – Euro Steel at FUTURA EXPO in Brixia forum

We are excited to announce that Euro Steel will participate in 2023 edition of FUTURA Expo, hosted in Brescia, at Brixia Forum, from 8-10 October 2023. “Futura Expo – Economia x l’Ambiente” is an event dedicated, among others, to topics such as energy efficiency, circular economy, innovation, work. A great opportunity to meet many of ...