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Privacy policy

Pursuant to the privacy law, incorporating the European regulation No. 679 of 2016, the Data Controller, EURO STEEL s.r.l., issues the following information note.

Personal data collected

You can navigate freely on our web site.
The navigation may involve the collection and the processing of your personal data. The functioning of this web site involves the exchange of information in the form of cookies, IP addresses, names attributed to the computers used for navigation (domain names), URL notation addresses for the requested resources and the time of the request to the server. 

Means of data collection

The request for information or services, as well as registration, may involve the collection and the processing of your personal data (name, surname, e-mail, telephone, etc.).
In particular, the collection of your personal data may be executed when you compile the forms available on the Web site.
If you use the function to request information from the Web site, you must provide personal data so that EURO STEEL s.r.l. can satisfy the various requests. The non-provision, partial provision or inexact provision of personal data listed as obligatory will prevent the execution of the services you request. If you do not provide one or more items of obligatory personal data, you will see an error message. 

Aim of processing

Your personal data will be processed for the following aims only on the basis of your consent that can be revoked at any time: 

Management of and response to requests
You can decide to consent to the processing of your personal data to permit EURO STEEL s.r.l. to manage and meet your requests. In this respect, you will be asked to give consent when you make the requests. You will not be able to dispatch the request without giving this consent. 

Means of processing

The processing of your personal data can involve any type of operation, including collection, registration, organisation, storage, consultation, analysis, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and destruction.
Your personal data will not be processed in an automated form but may also be processed on paper, with methods strictly connected to the relative aims, via the databases, the electronic platforms and/or the integrated information systems managed by EURO STEEL s.r.l. or by third parties nominated for the processing.
The data processor has evaluated the security risk as adequate taking into account the risks potentially involved from the loss, destruction, modification, non-authorised transmission, accidental or illegal access, abuse or alteration of your personal data. 

Processing and storage site

Your personal data are stored within the European Union and mainly processed at the offices of the Controller and at the sites in which the processing managers are located. You can contact the Controller at the addresses listed in the “Registered Office and Controller Contacts” section for further information.
The exception to this is personal data collected via the Google Analytics service that are subject to processing as determined by Google as specified below.
Some of your data may be processed outside of the European Union. The Controller guarantees that this data will be processed according to the provisions of the G.D.P.R.

Storage time

To guarantee respect for the principles of necessity and proportionality of processing, the Controller has identified different storage times for the personal data based on the individual aims:
a) for the purpose of the management of your registration relative to the services offered the data will be stored for the time required to execute your request;

b) for the management of and response to your requests your personal data will be stored for the time strictly required to execute your request;

c) for the management and the execution of legal requirements (accounting, administration, taxation, etc.) your personal data will be stored for the time required by the law. When this is not indicated your data will be stored for the time strictly required;

d) for the management of complaints and controversies, your personal data will be stored for the time strictly required for this and in any case, not beyond the applicable terms. 


Your personal data can be communicated to and processed by:
a) legal of physical persons acting as external processing managers, undertaking outsourcing, nominated by EURO STEEL s.r.l. or by external processing managers of EURO STEEL s.r.l. (including subjects commissioned for assistance, communication, provision of IT services, managers of Web sites, managers of electronic platforms, partners, credit institutes, professional studios);

b) employees and collaborators of the Controller (including system administrators) who, operating under the direct control of this last, will be authorised to process your personal data; 

c) employees and collaborators of external processing managers (including system administrators) who, operating under the direct control of the external processing managers, will be authorised to process your personal data. Your personal data will not be communicated to third parties with the exception of cases in which it must be communicated by EURO STEEL s.r.l. to consultants to protect your rights. Your personal data will not be generally transmitted. 

Identity and contact information

The complete list of the processing managers for your personal data can be consulted by contacting the Controller at the addresses indicated in the section “Registered Office and Controller Contacts”.


The privacy norm recognises numerous rights to those who provide their personal data (the so-called interested parties) that include: 

confirmation of the existence or otherwise of your personal data, even if still unregistered, and its communication in an intelligible form; 

indication of the: a) origin of the personal data d; b) the aims and means of processing; c) the logic applied in the case of processing with the use of electronic tools; d) the identification details of the controller and the managers; e) the subjects and the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or who may come to be aware of the same based on their roles;

confirmation of a) the updating, rectification or, where relevant, the integration of the data; b) the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous form or the blocking of the processed in violation of the law, including that for which storage is not required relative to the purpose for which it was collected or then processed, c) the attestation that the operations under a) and b) have been made brought to the knowledge, including their content, to those to whom it has been communicated or transmitted, with the exception of the case in which this is impossible or would entail the use of means that are disproportional to the protected right; 

opposition, entirely or in part to: a) the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection; b) the processing of relative personal data for the purpose of the dispatch of information material for other services.

Where applicable you have rights pursuant to articles 16-21 of the GDPR (right to rectification, right to cancellation, right to limitation of processing, right to portability of data, right to opposition), as well as the right to complain to the Guarantor (Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data).

Means of execution of rights

You can exercise your rights recognised under the privacy norm at any time by contacting the Controller, by sending a registered letter to EURO STEEL s.r.l., via Durini 26 – 20122 Milano or via the e-mail address: