01.02.2024 We explain our customised service

image 01.02.2024 We explain our customised service

That our company is actively engaged in the valorisation of metal scrap, it is by now a known thing.

What you may not know is that this process also goes through a real personalised scrap packaging service.

In fact, we recycle what’s leftover, we subject it to a careful preparation according to customer specifications (including cut, sandblasting, and other machining on request) and give it a new form, a new life. Exactly as worker bees do with pollen, turning it into honey.

Subsequently, we supply the material thus treated and modelled to steelworks and foundries, contributing to reduce waste and optimize the production process.

As you can see, our commitment is not limited to the provision of the service, but it extends to an attentive support to our customers, promoting an efficient and sustainable recycling chain.

We share with you some pictures of our job as worker bees, that witness the before and after of our packaging process, concretely demonstrating the benefits of recovery and enhancement of materials.