9.04.2024 From emotional dependence to healthy love

image 9.04.2024 From emotional dependence to healthy love

We at Euro Steel are pleased to inform you about the meeting that will take place today, April 9th at 8:45 pm, in collaboration with the Municipal Library of Roncadelle, where we are the sponsors of the event.

The event, titled “From emotional dependence to healthy love,” will feature the renowned psychologist Dr. Ameya Gabriella Canovi, author of the book “Too Much Love”.

In a time where relational dynamics are at the center of our lives, it is essential to consciously address the issue of emotional dependence and promote a healthier concept of love. Dr. Canovi will guide us through a journey of self-reflection and awareness, offering valuable insights and practical tools to cultivate more balanced and fulfilling relationships.

We warmly invite all those who are interested to participate in this important discussion.

The meeting promises to be enlightening and enriching for those who wish to delve deeper into this relevant and timely topic. We look forward to welcoming you all for an experience of personal and professional growth together.