24.04.2024 Vittoria Alata Reciclart

image 24.04.2024 Vittoria Alata Reciclart

We are extremely proud to share with you a significant initiative that Euro Steel was involved in recently. We had the honor of funding the “Vittoria Alata Reciclart” project, an extraordinary project that combines art, sustainability and solidarity in a single inspiring vision.

The project, developed by Isinnova in collaboration with the Brescia Musei Foundation, gave life to a limited edition of the symbolic statue of Brescia, the beautiful Winged Victory, made with recycled materials through 3D printing. This initiative not only celebrates the cultural richness of our city, but stands out for its tangible social impact.

Thanks to the sale of the reproduction of the Winged Victory, the “Letizia” project aims to finance the production of prosthetic legs for the disabled in Ukraine. It is an initiative that goes beyond the boundaries of art and technological innovation, transforming artistic beauty into a means of bringing hope and concrete change to people’s lives.

We are happy to have been able to contribute to this initiative by purchasing a work that is exhibited in our offices, thus supporting the mission of “Vittoria Alata Reciclart”.

We invite you to read the article in the Giornale di Brescia which delves into this fantastic initiative and to join us in supporting projects that promote sustainability and solidarity.